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Fine quality is always timeless.

We provide the best price and performance without compromising the quality of stones & workmanship.

We create jewelry that is comfortable to wear, as it needs to match the customer’s lifestyle.

We only make jewelry that we would want to own and wear ourselves.

All of the pieces you see on our site are privately commissioned pieces for our beloved customers. We share them here purely as creative inspiration for your next bespoke piece.

Every ring, pendant, bracelet and earrings always begins with an inspiration. Often there is an important occasion in the family that is a celebration and marking of an important time.

It is our absolute pleasure to create jewelry that you will keep in your family for generations.

If you are interested in starting the creative process to have a piece designed for you, we created a creative input form for you to share your ideas and tell us what you are looking for.

It will take a few minute of your time and is very simple to fill out.  We will follow up with a phone call.

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